About us

A Norwegian student is strolling the rainy streets of Manhattan wearing grandpa’s old galoshes. That's where it started...

SWIMS is a modern Scandinavian brand that was founded in Oslo, Norway in 2006 and breathed new life into the almost-forgotten galosh.

The SWIMS DNA is built on the idea of redefining and improving. We approach the world with optimism and confidence. Influenced by our Scandinavian heritage we believe that its fully possible to enjoy life while acting and creating responsibly. We strongly believe we should respect each other, all things living and our blue planet.

Our Philosophy

SWIMS frequently uses innovative solutions to create modern, functional and great looking products. It lives in the cross section of style and activity. An area often referred to as “Active”. We look at style and function, not as an exercise in mastering the art of compromise, but as an opportunity to have one enhance the other. At SWIMS we know how to deal with the elements, especially water. SWIMS is a conceptual brand, not a category brand. It has an inherent permission to go to many places as long as it delivers on its values. It can offer single items or collections depending on the needs of consumers. It can redefine the classic´s but is not a nostalgic brand. SWIMS is not bound to seasons or locations. Its fields of play spans the resort, urban environments, the office and many recreational activities on, in or off the water.

Our Mission

Our mission is to design with Scandinavian simplicity and flair for passionate individuals that enjoy life to the fullest whether in the city, on the beach, on the mountains or somewhere in between.
Swims’ versatility provides our products to be dressed up or down, used technically or not